Scorpix / Scorpix Aerial

Scorpix develops high-quality images in our portrait sessions, company reports and our coverage out in the field, vital to ensuring first-rate communication of your affairs and enterprises.

This quality label is assured by a dynamic structure in which professional photographers work alongside retouchers and graphic designers in order to guarantee an outstanding final product.

Scorpix firmly believes in the term ‘flexibility’. Whether you are at the heart of an institution or private company, in the service sector or in production, in Scorpix you will find an ally tailored to your every need.

This is, above all, because their team comprises photographers with wide-ranging experience, gained both in Belgium and elsewhere in the world. This diversity enables us to entrust your order to the expert eye that best fits your expectations.

Furthermore, they do not stop at simply providing ‘beautiful pictures’. they also provide a complete consulting service and savoir-faire in terms of developing a bank of images, iconography, or even the distribution of your images thanks to our close relationships with local and international press agencies.


Scorpix Aero’s provides aerial footages services for either technical or promotional goals.

The technology Scorpix uses,  allows satisfying a wide range of needs, ranging from promotion  to surveillance and control, through determining the impact of new buildings on their environment.You will find at the bottom of this page a list of recent and possible applications that will allow you to be more efficient in the accomplishment of your own mission.