Universal Exhibition Milan 2015

Expo Milano 2015 is the world’s largest event on food and nutrition. Over 20 million visitors are expected from all over the world. It will host 148 participants, representing 94% of the world’s population! Setting the scene for a global debate on how we can ensure safe, nutritious, sufficient and sustainable food for the 9 billion people who will share our planet in 2050. The EU has a central role to play in winning the fight against world hunger, and ensuring the sustainability and efficiency of our food systems. The EU Pavilion’s theme is “Growing Europe’s Future Together for a Better World”.
Sylvia and Alex will be your virtual hosts. The coming together of a farmer and a scientist is a tale of strength in unity. A journey where tradition and history merge with science and innovation, to contribute to the global debate on food – which is so crucial for the future of our planet. With more than 200 events, from playful activities to B2B meetings, scientific and policy conferences and workshops, Expo 2015 is a great opportunity to make progress on food security and sustainability