Pokitin Productions

Pokitin Prod is a multimedia information agency that brings together professionals with the
objective to cover the latest events day in, day out. The agency is specialised in producing
innovative journalistic content and in distributing it on the web with interactive
communication tools.
We combine the talent to locate information and tell stories with the new multimedia knowhow
to bring clients’ ideas into life. Our team is composed of journalists, video makers,
photographers and social media specialists, which bring in strong competences in shooting,
writing, blogging, campaigning and online community building.
Pokitn Productions brings about effective and attractive information, with respect to both
form and message. We serve institutions, international TV companies, online broadcasters,
mobile clients and non-governamental organizations with the following products:

  • web documentaries
  • audiovisual services for Radios and TVs
  • mobile applications
  • websites
  • trainings and consultancy

Journalists at Pokitin Productions always strive towards accuracy, cross-checking every
source according to professional standards required in the audiovisual sector, always
keeping innovation in the foreground.

We collaborates with a number of partner organizations from across Europe: NOP Films
(www.nopfilms.com), Scorpix (www.scorpix.be), Latte Creative (www.lattecreative.com).
These organizations bring in specific skills such as data mining, market and political research,
political reporting, campaigning, awareness
raising and online community building.
This combination of expertises allows Pokitn to produce analyses and surveys on the
selected target audience and deliver tailored online multimedia services that are capable to build a community
and encourage it to take action on certain issues.
Finally, these collaborations not only push forward the innovation and originality of our
work, but they also broaden the European reach of our projects.


Hervé Verloes – FOUNDER & DIRECTOR
Running of the agency’s secretariat and regional production offices;
Ensuring quality development of audiovisual and web content in the projects ran by the consortium;
Developing business strategies of the agency.
Online resume

Owner NOPFilms Spain
Post production
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Boris Walravens – Sound engineer & audiovisual Director
owner Pikus studio
Pikus Studio